Playboy and Virtual Reality

Playboy is one of the most well-known and one of the oldest brands that are connected to sex entertainment and porn. Although Playboy has more to do with the globally famous magazine, and it is more connected to models and photoshoots and form of porn content, surprisingly, it also utilizes virtual reality to amaze and entertain its passionate fans.

Virtual reality is a brand new technology that, in fact, will be useful, and with time will be applied to the practical solution of many problems in many spheres, but for now, most people know about virtual reality thanks to the sphere of entertainment. There is a good explanation for it. Firstly, if people get good entertainment, they will readily pay for it. read more

Streaming of VR Porn on Your Smartphone

Virtual reality sex movies can be watched on all devices that provide a high-quality image. Powerful PC, new laptop or tablet, or a high-quality modern smartphone are good options for watching some VR porn. There is no use paying for high-speed Internet, buy a subscription from a reputable well-known sex website, and buy a VR device in case you do not have a proper PC or laptop.

However, today it turns out that smartphone is the most convenient option for watching VR porn videos. Despite the fact that it has a comparatively small screen, if it is a new modern phone, you will be totally content with using it to watch VR pornography. read more

Virtual Reality Porn: The Technology Race

Virtual reality is a comparatively recent technology that attracts the attention of professionals and scientists in many spheres, as well as the attention of investors and end users. Virtual reality can be applied to solve different problems in many various industries. However, most people actually learn about virtual reality only in the quality of entertainment.

Virtual reality technology is used inĀ VR porn, several types of entertainment activities available to the public already today. These are movies, video games and interactive games, and also porn. Despite the fact, it sounds weird, but it is the entertainment activities that help to develop this technology further and improve it. There are several reasons for that. read more

How VR Porn Is Shot In Studio

Virtual reality sex is a very new and exciting type of sex videos. It must be said that sex videos in virtual reality are not like other VR movies. The viewer cannot walk around the room and view the action from different angles as it is possible in, say, interactive virtual reality games.

In VR sex, the approach is somewhat different. The video is shot in such a way that when the end user watches it, he sees the sex scene as if through the eyes of one of the participants. Most often this is a male porn model, but there are also movies where the activity is seen as if through the eyes of the female model. But such videos are rarer due to nuances of shooting. read more

Web Platform Nutaku: Adult Games

For many online users, porn is a type of content they reach for when they seek quick relaxation and relief of stress. Porn allows to get sexual pleasure without many efforts. There are different categories of porn offered on most websites, and surprisingly, Japanese anime porn, or hentai, is one of the most popular that users are seeking.

Hentai enjoys such passionate popularity from its fans because, like any other cartoon, it allows to create any plot or any character imaginable. It is possible to show absolutely crazy sex scenes and actions that are merely impossible in real life. Some claim that hentai is even better than virtual reality porn, because, in fact, it offers more space for imagination, while virtual reality porn is still limited by abilities of technology and the porn models. read more