How VR Porn Is Shot In Studio

Virtual reality sex is a very new and exciting type of sex videos. It must be said that sex videos in virtual reality are not like other VR movies. The viewer cannot walk around the room and view the action from different angles as it is possible in, say, interactive virtual reality games.

In VR sex, the approach is somewhat different. The video is shot in such a way that when the end user watches it, he sees the sex scene as if through the eyes of one of the participants. Most often this is a male porn model, but there are also movies where the activity is seen as if through the eyes of the female model. But such videos are rarer due to nuances of shooting.

So, does the VR studio looks much different than a conventional porn studio? In fact, it is not. The only substantial difference is that the cameramen and the director use special cameras and other equipment, and there are more workers on the set. So, the studio or set themselves do not differ.

The most interesting part is the shooting process. This is what differs very much when virtual reality porn is shot from when conventional sex video is shot.

The Process of Shooting VR Porn

The first thing one has to remember that the process must be seen by the end viewer, and therefore, shot by the cameraman as if seen through the eyes of one of the participants. It means that the camera must be placed literally in front of the participant’s face. The face or head of this porn model must not be seen in the shot, because the viewer must perceive this porn model’s body as if it was his body.

There are also three reasons why there are more VR sex movies where the “main” participant is male and not female. Firstly, statistically more men than women watch porn. Secondly, women rarely find mechanical sexual act arousing, and therefore just watching some man virtually having sex with a female body does not seem appealing to many women who tested the technology.

And thirdly, when the “main” porn model is male, the poses and actions are limited a lot, because the “main” model must remain almost motionless. However, if the “main” model is female, the number of poses becomes even more limited.

When VR porn is shot as if through the eyes of the male porn model, the man usually sits or lies on the bed or armchair, and the woman is around. However, as we remember, the face or head of the male model must not be seen in the shot, so most of the time, the man has to spend with his head thrown back. This is hard physically, and also he finds it much harder to keep being focused and sexually aroused, merely because he does not even see his female partner!

The female actress, on the other hand, has a lot to do. She has to take care of the nice picture, move to create action, moan, speak, keep eye contact. All this makes shooting VR sex more difficult and it takes twice as much time.

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