Playboy and Virtual Reality

Playboy is one of the most well-known and one of the oldest brands that are connected to sex entertainment and porn. Although Playboy has more to do with the globally famous magazine, and it is more connected to models and photoshoots and form of porn content, surprisingly, it also utilizes virtual reality to amaze and entertain its passionate fans.

Virtual reality is a brand new technology that, in fact, will be useful, and with time will be applied to the practical solution of many problems in many spheres, but for now, most people know about virtual reality thanks to the sphere of entertainment. There is a good explanation for it. Firstly, if people get good entertainment, they will readily pay for it.

Virtual reality provides entertainment that is next to none, so investors are ready to invest their money in it, because they know people will pay and they will get a quick return on investment. On the other hand, the sphere of entertainment gives the developers an ability to test the technology and improve it in saving the environment, simultaneously getting lots of users and abundant feedback on how the technology performs.

Consequently, since porn is one of the most favorite kinds of entertainment, there is little surprise that porn studious and the whole porn industry overall started to use virtual reality to enhance the quality and variety of services they offer to their customers and fans.

Playboy, being one of the old-school leaders among porn brands in the industry, has also taken this approach. One of the ways VR is used by Playboy is the ability to get a virtual tour around the Playboy Mansion full of porn models. In fact, this offer was so popular that hundreds of people have immediately bought a subscription in order not to miss this unique opportunity.

Playboy that was before focused on the magazine as the main product now offers lots of virtual reality videos featuring the Playboy models. This is not straightforward porn, and yet, the power of the brand and the beauty of the models create a certain attractiveness of this offer. Another VR type of entertainment from Playboy is virtual parties the brand holds, both in the Mansion and in other locations. The parties are also full of beautiful porn models.

Although for now, Playboy seems to somewhat lag behind those porn studios that actually shoot virtual reality porn, it is still in the process of developing its strategy according to new technologies.

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